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no cow bars

Posted on April 9th, 2018 | Filed in Food

i’m obsessed with protein bars, i’ll admit it!

i mean, doesn’t a label from whole foods that’s pretty and KIND mean that it’s so good for me?! nuts, chocolate, crunch? yes please, i’ll have 10. oh, wait.. are we talking a balanced snack, quick mini meal or a CANDY BAR?…. clever marketing makes us FEEL good about buying crack bars, i mean protein bars. how many grams of sugar, protein and fiber? soy… i digress. ugh so overwhelming. i hear you.




no cow. no bull. no whey.™ 

i'm obsessed with these! they're delish (for real, i'll take 10 of these!) klean and packed with protein. shop for them here and take 10 percent off with my code monicard10.