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group transformation classes

Over 30 years on the fitness industry, klean&lean has designed result driven methods that define long&lean tone without bulk. your body changes with time, environment and circumstances, face them head on with klean&lean. our method+your commitment=meeting your personal goals. no plateaus allowed. we will take you outside of your head and get you where YOU want to be. welcome to your new favorite workout.

klean cardio step and klean long&lean are at 9310 Olive Blvd. St. Louis, MO  63132 inside the St. Louis Dance Academy building.

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my class schedule is designed to give you the perfect balance between push and recovery monday - friday. all of my workouts complement each other, and my signature moves keep you from plateauing. move your body and turn off your mind.  

twitch done in a warm room, you work small muscle groups with this anti-aging workout. the active recovery leaves no time to overthink. light weights and NO jumping!

long&lean bands 100% non-IMPACT, high-energy muscle structure session using bands hung from the ceiling. the line of pull builds the long&lean total body tone we all want - WITHOUT the BULK. your body definitely won't be bored. perfect for first timers. 

cardio step momentum-based fast twitch, all out! old-school dance step. think jane fonda! game changer.