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 I just moved here from Los Angeles, and as a 49 year old, am focused on maintaining strength, flexibility and my weight. I spent the first 7 months here looking for a group fitness class that would challenge me. I went to 15 different gyms in search of a high intensity class that uses great music to motivate the class. Hard to find here! But I finally found it in Monica's class.

She's inspiring to watch (how does she jump so high? must be those funny looking shoes she wears) and motivates the class by doing the work out with us. Also, she incorporates novel moves that use those small muscle groups that are so important in maintaining total fitness. I try the new gyms that open here because her class is only twice a week, but still, nothing comes close to Monica!

-Agnes Scoville, MD, 49 years old

ER Physician


I had been working out with a trainer, free weights and cardio for almost 3 years but I had not experienced the body transformation I desired. I had worked hard and was resistant to change my diet. I began training with Monica in late July. She served as such a beacon of inspiration to a leaner and more energetic life. I finally figured that I had the working out and cardio thing down - what I needed was a new - healthier way of eating. So I decided to change my diet.

Wow - I began Kleanandlean on 1/21/15 and have been simply amazed. Amazed by how satisfied I feel and how easy it is to stick to this clean way of eating. Monica is a great resource for clean recipes, accountability, honesty and encouragement. I had lots of questions about what was "allowed" and questions in general and Monica was only a text away. I really appreciated how quickly she responded to me.

I do not view this program as a diet but as a new way of understanding how to eat and a new relationship with food. I now understand that I have choices to make and I do not experience cravings that get in my way of making healthy decisions. What a relief!! I feel satisfied and healthy and I am dropping pounds as I continue to work out and follow a healthier way of eating. I am so grateful and feel so healthy. Blessings.

-JoAnn Zintel, 55 years old

Retired CFO for Spectrum Healthcare Resources, Inc.



After having my second child, I was frustrated with the extra weight I was trying to lose.  It was not as easy as I had previously experienced in my first pregnancy. I had taken Monica's classes before my second pregnancy and loved them. They are on par if not more challenging than any other I took when I previously lived in San Francisco and New York. I also heard Monica helped with nutrition. I started working with her and within 3 weeks I saw major results. I have worked with several nutritionists in the past. By far Monica is the best. For the first time in 10 years I am proud to say that my body is where I wanted it to be and Monica most certainly played the most integral of roles in making it a reality. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to everyone and anyone.

-Polly Bade, 38 years old

Stay at home mom and Beautycounter Representitive




I met Monica Koch on a sunny afternoon at the pool. She was splashing around with her 1 year old and rocking a bikini. Not only was she gorgeous to look at, but she was so approachable and easy to talk to. I shared my frustration about my post baby body and she said, without missing a beat, "Come to my boot camp 5 times and you will see changes". I wasn't convinced but something about her sincerity and emphatic response made me want to try her class. Reluctantly, I showed up and she pushed me harder than I have ever been pushed. I hadn't experienced interval training before and even though it was incredibly difficult, Monica was so encouraging and motivating that I kept going even when I wanted to quit. I survived by telling myself that after I complete 5 classes I could return to my Body Pump class at the Clayton Center. That never happened. I was quickly addicted to the post workout high and so proud of myself for what I could accomplish. My body was transformed and I had definition in muscles I never realized I had. My friends were amazed at my new body and quickly flocked to Monica's class. I liked the way I looked but I LOVED the way I felt. I have never looked back and I consider Monica, not only the most amazing trainer I have ever had the pleasure to work with, but as one of my dearest friends

-Sally King, 42 years old

LCSW, LMFT, Licensed Clinical Social Worker



I cannot speak highly enough of Monica. I've always been devoted to psychical fitness, growing up in St. Louis, living in Los Angeles, and now back in St. Louis with two children ages two and half and eight months. My husband and I were married after hiking 10 days through the Himalayas and after our second child was born we summited Mount Rainer in Seattle, continuing to train hard in order to accomplish our fitness goals. Of all the training I've ever done Monica cannot be topped, rivaled or replaced. She is truly one of a kind in a sea of sameness. If you trust in the process the results are undeniable. She is also one of the only instructors who's body speaks for itself, she is her greatest advertisement and sincerely cares for each client offering comradery that is unmatched by any other motivator.

-Victoria Samuels, 27 years old

Stylist / Homemaker


I met Monica 7 years ago when our girls started kindergarten together. We had a mutual friend that brought me to her class at Magna Fitness.  At the time I was doing several different workouts. I thought I was in pretty good shape when I came to her class for the first time . But, oh boy, was I wrong. It was the hardest class I had ever taken. I didn't know what hit me. I had never sweat like that before. I remember Monica coming up to me and telling me not to get discouraged, I needed to give it at least 5 classes. I was bound and determined to give it a chance. I was hooked after several classes.

Monica pushes you to a whole different level in fitness. She constantly is firing up new moves to work the entire body. After 7 years I still walk out of her class knowing I gave my all and she kicked my A.. Taking her class makes me stronger in so many other areas of my training. Her class builds huge amounts of endurance. I call it "my Monica time" and I'm crabby if I don't get it.  She is an a phenomenal fitness instructor and awesome motivator. 

You won't find anyone else like her.

-Kathe DeGrand, 42 years old


After gaining more weight then I would like to admit during my second pregnancy, I needed direction and motivation to not only lose the weight but to lose the bad eating habits. Monica worked with me to develop a healthy eating plan with her delicious recipes that worked for, not only me, but for my family. She kept me accountable and on track with weekly weigh-in and words of encouragement. The weight began to fall off and the motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle returned. Thank you Monica for all your help! 

-Libby Bogosian, 31 years old


The first time I worked out with Monica was about nine years ago, I took one of her bootcamp classes. I had never done a workout like this. She pushed me in ways I had never been pushed, taught me about active recovery, and to get out of my head and just do it! Nine years later I am healthier than I have ever been thanks to Monica. She is no bull, and truly wants each of her clients to be the best they can be. She truly is motivated by motivating others and it shows.

-Risa Brown, 42 years old

Communications Specialist, McDonnell International Scholars Academy, Washington University in St. Louis


Monica has helped me reevaluate my eating habits and rethink how I fuel my body with what it really needs.  Real food loaded with nutrients that taste good and fill me up.  Before, I was eating way too many processed foods and sugar that made me feel lethargic, bloated and sick to my stomach.  By sticking to a clean diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats, I have more energy and stamina to make it through the day.  Klean&lean has helped me to perform better as an athlete.  I now have the ability to train harder, stronger and longer.

-Dawnya Gebhard, 43 years old

Ironman, November 2014


Monica is such an awesome person -- it is really fun to work out with her and work with her on nutrition. I was having a hard time losing the last of my baby weight after my fourth child was born and a friend recommended that I call Monica. I am really happy I did because Monica met with me to discuss my diet and gave me a different kind of eating strategy. It involved removing some things that I never would have expected I should remove (and that I did not really care about anyway) and adding lots of veggies and fiber. She has all kinds of great tricks and I am never hungry on her plan. I lost all my baby weight and actually weigh less now than before I got pregnant! She has also taught me a lot of great exercises that I can do at home. Working with Monica was better for me than working with just a nutritionist or just a trainer because Monica covers both nutrition and training and tailors her suggestions to each person's needs.

-Suzy, 38 years old

Attorney in her first life, now a stay at home mom