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my thoughts on group fitness classes

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by Risa Brown

It was about nine years ago that a friend of mine finally convinced me to go to an outside boot camp in Forest Park at 8am on a Saturday morning…what????  8am on Saturday morning?  Ok fine, I will give it a try, I work out, heck I even worked out with a trainer for a short while.  I was fit…I was not scared…my biggest fear was getting up in time to make it there by 8am!  Well, that should not have been my biggest fear!  I got there and met Monica, she is not only gorgeous and has an amazing body, but she was friendly and immediately made me feel comfortable.


Boot camp started and I was still not scared, I already made it there.  Then we were told to run up art hill as fast as we couls because, “it is not a race, but don’t let that bitch beat you,” and then we were to recover by jumping rope.  What?!?!  In my mind you recover by sitting down and having a drink.  Monica taught me about active recovery, she taught me that when you feel like you are going to puke that is when change is happening.  She also taught me that my body is able to do much more than I would have ever thought.


After my first class, I was hooked.  I was not only hooked on the great workout, but Monica created a group of women that were so supportive, welcoming, fit and funny.  These women became some of my best friends.  They started out as my “workout friends”...and now they are my lifelong friends that have helped and supported me through some of the hardest times of my life.


Oh, wait, I am supposed to be writing about group fitness classes…going to Monica’s classes gave me the confidence to try other classes.  I love the camaraderie. Having these people around me makes me want to do my best.  I want to be the person in the class who helps to keep the energy going…so it motivates me to keep going even when I may want to quit…I don’t want to let my classmates down. 


Monica does not do her classes as Forest Park anymore, now she is at Core3 Fitness, still kicking ass, but with air conditioning and sans the bugs!  I look forward to going to klean&lean cardio fit camp to see friendly faces and catch up, as well as meet new “work out friends,” oh yeah and to get my butt kicked…as Monica says, “this time is for you, get out of your head.”  She is right, it works and I always leave class feeling so much better than when I got there!