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to learn that i was diagnosed with RA about a year ago was, to say the least, depressing and scary.  when i saw scans of my hands and feet with erosions on most knuckles, i was so scared of what the future was going to hold.  my crazy mind went to a dark spiral.   i initially tried to control my symptoms and pain through diet with no avail.  upon hearing my doctor's strong "advice", i agreed to take the heavy hitting drugs to help stop the progression of my disease.  

my body feels best when it's MOVING, so that's what i do. somedays are easier than others but i ALWAYS feel better after a good sweat. weekly workouts consist of weekend runs with my bffs, DOING everything in the classes i teach, bikram yoga three times a week, and one day of NOTHING.

i have practiced bikram yoga for the past nine years. i am addicted. my body CRAVES it as well as my mind.  I've come to realize i would NEVER be able run and jump around without the healing it provides. i am forever grateful.  the class is hot, there are a lot of rules, you do the same 26 postures every single time, and it's incredibly challenging.  it's a never ending PRACTICE of moving meditation on your breath.  bikram heals from the inside out.