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as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I know that small changes equal big results.  with nearly 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, i have developed my own innovative technique which guides you out of your comfort zone and pushes you anaerobically so you will continue to burn calories long after the workout ends. the voice that whispers in your head, "i can't do this, i quit, enough" is a LIAR. when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis I had many reasons to hear those voices but I chose a different path and I am stronger physically and emotionally because of that choice.  i will teach you through my specialized method how to change your body through your mind.

i love to sweat, it clears my mind and is a huge stress reliever. i'm constantly developing new techniques and moves to challenge my clients and myself. before you know it you are in a plank, hopping on one leg, crossing the other to your side, using every muscle in your body! i LOVE pushing clients to new levels that they thought unattainable...nothing better! my program is challenging and the progressive plan will get you where YOU want to be!

the more i move the more energy i have and the better i feel. in my classes we are constantly moving, even when we are recovering. everybody works at their own level and as long as they are moving they are getting benefits.

understanding the delicate balance between how hard we train and what we eat to fuel our bodies led me to develop Klean & Lean, a personalized approach to nourishing our bodies and our minds.

my secret to weight loss is this... there is NO secret. Klean & Lean is a lifestyle that adapts to your own personal goals and will sustain you for a lifetime.  i will hold you accountable and support you in creating healthy habits which allow you to feel and look YOUR best from the inside out.

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