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spring klean 101

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there is so much info overload, it’s overwhelming. calories in, calories out, right? WRONG...not once you hit 30! i keep it real and simple. some of the “rules” need to be BROKEN once and for all. no calorie counting, just a ton of eating…the klean stuff.

holding you accountable on a daily basis for 15 days changes your MINDSET and MIDSECTION. i am so excited to share my klean slate recipe collection filled with fresh everyday recipes that will leave you feeling great wearing less.

·      april 19th- may 3rd i have you covered with EASY recipes, detailed shopping lists and new products that will soon be family favorites, you don’t need to think about it! one big shop per week and a straub’s run in between.

·      first meeting is 4/19 rule breaking 101, think hard reset. i will teach you what works in our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. we will talk about breaking old rules once and for all and replace them with what works for us. private weigh/measure optional. can’t make the meeting? a podcast will be in your in box. come hungry, you will be sampling a few of the week’s recipes. meeting will be at 11:30 at straub’s in clayton, upstairs

·      second meeting is 4/26 we will talk about dining out, dinner parties, staying klean on vacation, cocktails and fitness. putting it all together and making it work for YOU. come hungry. meeting will be at 11:30 at straub’s in clayton, upstairs

·      closed facebook page for daily accountability, food demos, any and all questions answered.

·      april 19th – may 3rd - investment $235

·      email to sign up: monicakoch@me.com , 314-495-0795