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no cow bars

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i’m obsessed with protein bars, i’ll admit it!

i mean, doesn’t a label from whole foods that’s pretty and KIND mean that it’s so good for me?! nuts, chocolate, crunch? yes please, i’ll have 10. oh, wait.. are we talking a balanced snack, quick mini meal or a CANDY BAR?…. clever marketing makes us FEEL good about buying crack bars, i mean protein bars. how many grams of sugar, protein and fiber? soy… i digress. ugh so overwhelming. i hear you.




no cow. no bull. no whey.™ 

i'm obsessed with these! they're delish (for real, i'll take 10 of these!) klean and packed with protein. shop for them here and take 20 percent off your first order with my code monicak20. take advantage of the coupon and stock up!