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klean & lean: a multifaceted approach to nutrition

this method has been thirty years in the making, i am beyond excited to share my klean&lean lifestyle with you! i'm a bottom line it kinda girl, it works. i'm more healthy and fit at 44 than i was at 34. you live and learn what works for YOUR body, what worked ten years ago may not be serving you today. addressing food triggers is key in achieving YOUR goals.

understanding the delicate balance between how hard we train and what we eat to fuel our bodies led me to develop klean&lean, a personalized approach to nourishing our bodies and our minds.

burning calories all day long means our bodies need nourishment. i will share my passion for preparing delicious and nutrient-packed meals and snacks that keep you satisfied, fuel your workouts and eliminate unhealthy cravings. having personally overcome a sugar addiction, i am an expert in breaking this pattern. i identify your food triggers, sensitivities, and remove them from your kitchen and your mind.

my secret to weight loss is this... there is NO secret. klean&lean is a lifestyle that adapts to your own personal goals and will sustain you for a lifetime.  i will hold you accountable and support you in creating healthy habits which allow you to feel and look YOUR best from the inside out.

klean Start: call for pricing accountability and relationship based 

1.5 hour goal focused consultation in your kitchen that includes the following: